One of the biggest issues that face people who are searching for a rental property in Sydney is that oftentimes the home they inspect looks or is, nothing like what was advertised.  Frustrated, people often wonder how this can be possible.  They have read the description and viewed the photos .... but .... there is some kind of disconnect.  Use our guide to understand the real meaning behind those somewhat deceptive terms.

1. "Good" condition

Beware of anything that is in "good" condition.  It usually means it looks awful and requires a complete renovation, but it is functional.

2. $800 per week

The advertised price is not always the price that the property will end up renting for.  This is merely the price that the Landlord would like to achieve for the property.  Unless you know rental vacancy rates for the area, current demand and comparable rentals, you might be in for a shock!  $800 might end up more like $820, or even $750! 


Is a view still a view if it can only be viewed up on tippy toes in the very corner of the window?  If the ad says there are views, ensure that there's a photo of the view that you can expect to see.

3. Close to transport

When they say ‘close’, check the place out on Google maps and see just how close.  It might mean the bus stop is right outside your bedroom window, or that your windows and doors will vibrate every time a train goes past!

4. Garage

Not all garages fit a modern car!  Sad but true.  The cars of the 1930s were a tad smaller than our modern cars.  The other consideration is whether the double lock-up garage is a tandem garage. 

5. " Good-sized"  ...

Anything that is "good-sized" is probably small. Particularly the "double" bedrooms.

6. If it doesn't say it's bright and light ...

It probably isn't. Unless you turn all the lights on!

7. Comes complete with washing machine, dishwasher and air-conditioning

Sounds great - but anticipate that they may not work (or work well) when you move in (they'll be repaired though).

8. Brand new carpet and paint

Sounding good!  Expect that it will be cheap carpet and paint that looks great but damages easily.  Take care!

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