You've found this amazing home on the Internet - everything seems perfect!  It's open for inspection tomorrow - you go and see it, and it is indeed perfect.

What sorts of things can you look out for to be sure that the perfect home really is perfect?

Developments planned in the area - or the property itself! 

Check if there are any developments planned for your immediate area - or your property itself.  What may seem peaceful might become a short-term unlivable situation.  If your property has been advertised with views - ensure that the new developments are not going to interfere with the views.

Noisy neighbours

This can be difficult to assess on an initial inspection.  If possible, inspect the property three times: Saturday night, a weekday evening and a weekday during the day.  Have a read of the strata committee meetings if they're available - it'll give you an idea of the problems in the building.

Parking issues

If you have an open-air allocated parking space, is anyone parking in it when you go to inspect?  Parking can often be an issue: visitors may park in your spot from time-to-time, and other residents may park there, too.  It can be tricky to resolve this issue.

Transport "right outside the door"

This might be a good thing, but if the bus stops literally right outside your bedroom window, consider if this is going to be ok for you.

Noisy plumbing

When I inspect properties for my clients, I make it a habit to always check the taps.  Hot and cold.  In many apartment blocks, loose pipes and plumbing make the pipes shudder and thump when taps are turned off, called water hammer.  When it is very loud, you my find yourself being kept awake at night / woken up.  Difficult to fix! 

Dampness and mould

Mould does not go well in our lungs.  If the home smells mouldy, it is.  Please move on to the next home. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of some of the things I'll always look for when I inspect homes for my clients.  What are your best tips?