The rental market in Sydney is hot.  Good homes that are well-priced lease quickly.  Like, within a day.

Whilst there is a lot on the market, there are also loads of people looking for a rental property.

This can make it challenging to know how to structure your open home inspection planner to accommodate all of the best properties.  One key is to ascertain as much information about the property as possible before you allocate time to inspect it. However, the best information about homes is usually hidden from prospective tenants.  The best information is available only to real estate professionals, on paid subscriptions.

Using a service such as Find my Rental Property can assist here, by accessing all of the behind-the-scenes information about your rental property: things like a floor plan (even when it's not published on the usual property websites), proposed developments, previous rental history, additional photos, recent renovations, size of the property and rooms, whether it is pet-friendly, sales data and so on, not to mentioned aerial and street views of the property to ensure its location is right. 

The more information you have prior to inspecting, the more certain you can be that the one you inspect will be the right one for you.  There's nothing worse than venturing out on a Saturday morning - battling traffic, parking and short open home times - only to find that the home you're inspecting is not right, and that you missed out on the one that was right.  Give us a call today - we'd love to help you find your next rental home.