NSW Fair Trading has released its first Complaints Register data at http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/biz_res/ftweb/Public_Register/FT_Public_Register_display.htm?type=CR_JUL_2016.

The NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register lists businesses that have been the subject of 10 or more complaints to NSW Fair Trading in a calendar month.  Today was the first day that the register was made public, reporting on July's complaints data.

Interestingly, real estate was very well represented in the Complaints Register.  Drilling down further, the majority of complaints in the real estate industry were residential tenancy complaints from tenants. Personally, I am not surprised by this: landlords are well-represented by their agents, but where does the tenant go when they have issues and concerns that are not adequately addressed?  The only place the tenant has to go to, is to the agent who is representing the landlord.  The system is broken, in a way.  The tenant really has nowhere else to go, but Fair Trading, in the event of not reaching a satisfactory conclusion to a problem or concern.

I believe there is a role for renter's agents: people who represent tenants and advocate for them, in the same way that property managers represent and advocate for their landlords.

I''m keen to hear your views.