Did you know that searching for a rental home can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming activities a person can engage in?

Some say that the same can be said of finding a home to buy to live in, however, there's a few key differences:

  1. Agents generally treat potential buyers better than they do potential tenants ... emails and phone calls are returned, for example
  2. Time is not necessarily pressing, because if the potential buyer cannot find a suitable home, there is another alternative - renting - until something suitable comes up, yet with renting, time is usually more pressing and the inability to find a rental home usually has more expensive implications (ie short-term accommodation)

So ... back to this dreaded exercise of finding a rental home.  What exactly are the issues and struggles?

  • Turning up for an open home, only to find it has been falsely advertised as having or not having things that are actually deal-breakers for you
  • Inconveniently-timed inspections requiring you to leave work early / start late
  • Agents not returning calls or emails
  • Agents not knowing about the property other than, "It's open at 12pm on Saturday.  Why don't you come and have a look for yourself?"
  • Turning up for an open home, along with 20 other excited people, only to find an application has being processed and the new tenants are set to pay their holding deposit in an hour
  • Arriving on time for an open home, but with a fairly booked schedule of open homes - the first open home you have planned is a great property, but where is the agent?  Someone calls the agent and they say they're running 15 minutes late (for a 15-minute inspection) ... and you need to get to the next open home.
  • Coming out on a cold, wet day to inspect a property that seems to be great.  Parking is a challenge, you get heavily rained on, step in a big puddle you didn't see, and the property is a disappointment.
  • Beware the "double" bedroom, the "good" kitchen, and "transport right outside the door" - unless you like bus stops at your bedroom window.
  • Properties advertised as available, that are really leased already, they just haven't been removed from the property websites.
  • Deceptive photos ... yes, the room does have the carpet that's in the photo, but it is stained and smelly; rooms that are nowhere near as bright as the photos suggest; lawns that are far from green and lush: they're practically destroyed; a lock-up garage that doesn't open, or fit a car, or both.

Let's just say for argument's sake, all the stars have aligned.  The property is as it presents online, the agent does come for the open home, it is still available, and you really love the home.  Now you need to make it yours.  This is where the fun begins.

How do you make that home yours when there's 5 other applications on it?

How do you get your application to stand out from the competition?

How do you get honest feedback on your application before it's submitted?

If you're like most people, you apply, sit back, and wait to hear something ... anything.  Days go passed.  "This can't be right", you think.  You're right.  It isn't right.  The property is not yours.  It went to someone else four days ago, but no-one thought to let you know.

If all this sounds way too familiar and you're fed up and over it, let me help you!  All day long, I help tenants find homes.  I search for homes, short-list them, enquire about them, inspect them, report on them and help my clients apply for them - successfully.  If your rental search experience has been over-rated, contact me so that you can enjoy your Saturdays and keep your sanity.