Here are some helpful tips to consider when you're next applying for a rental property.  Essentially, it all comes down to making a good impression with the property manager and landlord.

  • Submit a neat and complete application.  When agents receive multiple applications for the same property, the ones that are complete (with all supporting documents) and neatly presented tend to go to the top of the pile. 
  • Complete all the information required in the application - this includes providing all of the supporting documents.  Also remember that each adult who is going to live at the property needs to submit their own application.  Ensure all the contacts and references are contactable. 
  • Be thorough as you can be, and provide as much information as possible. Make your application stand out by submitting a cover letter that outlines why you're a great tenant. 
  • If you have a pet, include a photo of your pet and a reference from your current agent.
  • Turn up to the open home neatly attired.  If the agent can see you look after yourself, they'll believe you'll look after the property, too.  Treat the property with respect when you inspect it.
  • Consider a 12-month lease, paying a few months in advance, or even offering $5 - $10 per week more if you believe this is necessary to secure your dream home. 
  • Be available to pay the holding deposit immediately (but definitely within 24 hours) of being accepted and be in a position to pay your bond and an additional weeks' rent when you start the lease.