Most of my clients haven't rented for a while, are time-poor or, due to life's circumstances, are unable to find their own home.  For others, the mere thought of scrambling for parking on a wet Saturday morning, fronting up to open homes along with dozens of other would-be renters and submitting applications with unease prompts them to engage an expert.

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I offer three points of differentiation:

  1. I am a licenced real estate agent - a buyer's agent actually, so I'm perfectly positioned to help you as a tenant.  I search, research, inspect and secure rental homes (as well as properties for purchase) every day.
  2. I have access to BOTH of the most credible, comprehensive and renowned property data portals around: RP Data and APM PriceFinder.  This means you're certain that if information about your property of interest is out there, I can find it for you.  You'll avoid renting a dud, feel confident that you're not paying too much rent and appreciate the home's strengths and weaknesses with no surprises after you move in.
  3. My service is unlimited.  I don't cap the number of hours I'll work for you before additional fees are incurred and I don't limit the number of inspections I'll do for you.

I offer a range of services to meet your budget and your needs, with services starting from just $110 (incl GST).  If you need a hand to find your next rental home, get in touch today!