You need a new rental home, but where to start?

Here are my top three tips for tenants who are setting out to find their new home.


Know what you want and don't want, and why

Knowing what you want / don't want will allow you to easily recognise when the right home comes up.  This is important because the best rental homes can lease within 24-48 hours of hitting the market.

Knowing WHY you want / don't want certain features will help you to become more flexible and build in options that may expand your search.

Act Fast

Be ready to act quickly and decisively when the right homes comes up.  If you don't, someone else might.

Have your finance all ready

This means the equivalent of four weeks' rent for the bond and the first two weeks of rent to be paid up-front.

If you need a hand with your rental search, or if you need to outsource it to a property professional, Find My Rental Property is here to help.