Time to move to your next rental home?  Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Choose a removalist based on personal recommendation and interview them thoroughly. 
  2. Anticipate that things will not go to plan on your move day.  Emergencies come up, sometimes the removalist doesn't show or turns up with a smaller truck than is needed, or it's raining and so the move takes longer, or a whole raft of other issues than can crop up.  Anticipate that things may not go to plan and build in flexibility wherever possible.
  3. Don't plan to collect the keys and move into your home on the same day.  Collect the keys and plan to move in a couple of days later.  Occasionally there are mishaps and the home you ought to be able to move into is not ready, or the keys aren't there on time, or the agent thought you were coming in on a different day.  Anticipate this and plan to move in a couple of days after you are meant to collect the keys.
  4. Remember that you'll need to leave your old home spick and span.  This means a thorough clean and ensuring that everything is in the state that you found it in, fair wear and tear excepted.  I recommend first cleaning your new home, then moving into your new home, and then returning to your old home to clean it (or engaging a professional cleaning service).
  5. Unpack the things you'll need, first. When you're packing, consider what things you'll need first and pack them at the top or in their own box.  Label your boxes so that you know which box/es you need to unpack first.