For tenants across Sydney, finding a new rental home is tough.

In many areas of Sydney, competition is steep, and unless you're amongst the first to view a property, apply for the property and secure it, you may find you have limited success.

What sorts of things can make you stand out from everyone else?

Well, the first thing is to be first to become aware that a new property is on the market, and be quick to evaluate it and view it.


Yet, this is where many people are stuck.  How can one become aware of properties and be available to inspect them a moment's notice when perhaps they do not reside in Sydney, or the demands of family life or work make if difficult to attend open home inspections as soon as they come up.

This is where many people are now finding great value in my rental search service.  I know you have a full-time job that may extend to 40+ hours per week across 5-6 days.  My full-time job is finding hoes for people.  I'm available and on task every day, becoming aware of new properties, evaluating them and of course am available to inspect them, whatever time the inspection is taking place.  This brings a huge relief to my clients.

If you need a hand with finding your next rental home, let me help you!  All day long, I help tenants find homes.  I search for homes, short-list them, enquire about them, inspect them, report on them and help my clients apply for them - successfully.  If your rental search experience has been over-rated, contact me so that you can enjoy your Saturdays and keep your sanity.