Many of the people who use my service don't currently live in Sydney, and are moving to Sydney for a whole host of reasons: to be closer to family, for work or for a change.  For most people, their move would be much easier if only they had a home to come to ... right from the moment they step off the airplane.  Find My Rental Property has happily and easily assisted many overseas and interstate clients with their moves to Sydney by securing rental homes for their arrival.  The service can be provided 100% via email adding a level of flexibility and accessibility that gives confidence to clients.  Yolande used Find My Rental Property for her move from the Middle East.  Read what she has to say:

"You have taken so much stress away and been incredibly helpful!  I valued: excellent communication, honesty and trustworthiness, dedication, comprehensive information, very knowledgeable.  I was 100% satisfied.  You were sensational, made searching for a home completely stress-free and were a pleasure to deal with.  I would recommend you to anyone! You have been really amazing and I'm so grateful for your assistance!"

Melissa Maimann is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Buyer's Agent and Rental Search / Relocation Agent in Sydney.  She saves tenants time and frustration by offering an affordable service that finds and secures the best rental properties quickly, easily and efficiently.  If you need a Licensed Real Estate Agent to find your next rental home for you, don't hesitate to make contact.