Renting seems to be associated with a fair bit of negativity.  There is an assumption perhaps that people rent because they cannot afford to buy, that tenants mistreat their rental homes, that tenants are careless in general and that they are unreliable with their rent payments.  In my experience, nothing can be further from the truth.  A great number of tenants are tenants by choice, and own their own investment properties which they in turn rent out to other tenants.  They rent where they want to rent and live the lifestyle they want to live, respectful of the home that they are renting, as their expect their own tenants to respect their homes.  These are tenants who are savvy, responsible and reliable.

Far from being negative, renting offers so many choices and opportunities with very little risk:

  • The opportunity to live in a new area before deciding whether to buy in the area
  • The opportunity to sell your home and take the time you need to find your dream home, rather than being rushed into another purchase that might not be right for you
  • The opportunity to live closer to work / study / family
  • The opportunity to live flexibly, adapting your home to suit your life stage
  • The opportunity to move with work

Renting has low barriers to entry:

  • You simply need four weeks of rent for the bond
  • Rent each week / fortnight / month
  • You can move at the end of your lease and just pay for removalist costs - oh, and you get your bond back, too

Purchasing, on the other hand, requires:

  • 10% deposit
  • Stamp duty
  • Legal fees
  • Mortgage repayments for the next 30 years: the rate can go up (or down) over that term without notice to you
  • If you wish to sell, you generally incur legal fees, agent's fees, marketing costs and uncertainty about what price your home will sell for.

All in all, renting offers people a flexible and affordable way to live.

Melissa Maimann is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Buyer's Agent and Rental Search / Relocation Agent in Sydney.  She saves tenants time and frustration by offering an affordable service that finds and secures the best rental properties quickly, easily and efficiently.  If you need a Licensed Real Estate Agent to find your next rental home for you, don't hesitate to make contact.