The service was so valuable and efficient. The house is exactly what I was looking for!

I found the service so valuable and efficient. Finding a home in a foreign country is not an easy exercise, eveything is different in terms of quality and ways of searching. In addition, dealing with the administrative side of things can get complex if you don't know how it works. Melissa is very precise and professional, with useful practical tips on how to do everything. Interaction was always responding to my needs and details in the reports were complete and responding to my needs. Thanks again for you work, I was really hoping it would be a fast research and it actually was! Thanks for everything, I'm really excited to finally have a home! The house is exactly what I was looking for and I'm settling in with no issues!

Rosa Manetta

I was disheartened after spending a day looking at properties that did not match their listings and many of my coworkers were saying how hard it was to find rental properties in Sydney, so I jumped at the idea of using a specialist agent to save a lot of angst, time and money in the long run. I loved your prompt replies to my questions, no matter how small and mundane they may have been. Your professionalism was an asset I found so helpful. Your insights and understanding of my requirements meant I inspected very few properties. I’m over the moon! It has not been nearly as painful as I expected. Thank you so much. I very much trust and appreciate your guidance.

Dr. Cain

As soon as we started with Melissa we were impressed

My wife and I relocated from Canberra to Sydney. Because Canberra is reasonably close we tried to find and secure a rental property by traveling to Sydney on weekends. We wasted money and time and became very nervous about finding a property in time. Thankfully we found Melissa. As soon as we started with Melissa we were impressed with her professionalism, organisation and attention to detail. Melissa's professional approach and attention to detail gave us great confidence we would gain access to the best possible property. In the second weekend of searching Melissa found us (and our dog Allie) a house in the middle of our search area and right on budget. Thank you Melissa.

Gus and Maree McLachlan

She took time to understand and was readily available to answer questions

I was moving interstate and was very time poor! Melissa was extremely professional and helpful. She took time to understand the brief and was readily available to answer questions. She was efficient, professional and direct and kept me informed on the journey. I moved in yesterday and it's even better than I thought. I love my new home! Thanks for all your help.

Amber Cartwright

Melissa, thank you so much for your assistance. It proved to be truly invaluable and I couldn't have asked for better support during what is typically a very stressful time; especially when you're trying to find pet-friendly housing with a pretty specific budget. I'll be shouting your praises all over Sydney for years to come. MANY MANY MANY THANKS MELISSA! I am thrilled. Just thrilled. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am dying to show Percy his new little courtyard and I'll be sure to send you pics!

Victoria Celestini

Melissa made a stressful situation easy and, dare I say, enjoyable!

The service that Melissa offers was exactly what I needed and then … she delivered! I needed a place quickly and my brief wasn’t easy. Among other things, I needed approval for a dog, without having a dog yet. It was also a stressful time and I had little to no time to look for places. The serviced lived up to everything it claimed. The hassle, headache, and emotion was taken away. Melissa was professional but relaxed, efficient but accurate (to my brief). Every home she pitched I loved and they always hit the brief. And when it came time to apply, it was done quickly - in the end I had a choice to make, which was a position I never thought I’d be in. It’s a great service delivered well, and most importantly, it made a stressful situation easy and, dare I say, enjoyable! I trusted her judgement and I wasn’t let down. I would recommend Melissa to anyone in the same situation. Thank you Melissa!

Suresh Devadas

Melissa’s service was a game-changer

I was relocating with my partner from Melbourne to Sydney to begin a new job in May. We are renters and I was worried about the Sydney rental market. I'd heard it was competitive and that often people with great incomes and references would need to see many, many places and submit many applications to get a decent place. I was starting my new job and had some work travel coming up - I didn't have time to be spending time away from work or in the evenings or weekends to search and apply, only to not get a place. I came across Melissa's service and it was a game changer. She helped us greatly to expand our thinking of suburbs and to give us a reality check on what was realistic and doable in our budget. We ended up finding an amazing place and it was directly through Melissa's knowledge of the market and Sydney property managers and owners that we found the place as it wasn't yet on the market at the time of our search. Melissa was very responsive, detailed, thorough and had high standards. I'd highly recommend her service and have already mentioned her to several colleagues considering moves to Sydney! Thanks Melissa!

Anne Tosky

I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone

Relocating from Interstate, Craig, his wife and their gorgeous Australian Shepherd needed a fairly specific home. Armed with a property brief detailing suburbs, a rental budget and 29 deal-breakers and preferences, I set out to find Craig’s ideal home. Craig required a private, renovated two-bedroom house with a secure, grassed yard, built-ins, air conditioning, no carpet in the living areas, a bath, a great kitchen for cooking, open plan, North aspect and large rooms. The home needed to be close to shops and transport, close to the beach and within a 30-minute commute from work. After extensive on- and off-market property research, the ideal home was secured for Craig against 8 other applications.

We were finding it difficult to secure a property in Sydney when moving from interstate and were missing opportunities due to the inability to personally attend or coordinate family or friends to attend inspections of properties that were in high demand and leasing on short notice. We had a very specific brief and in the 3-4 weeks we searched on our own, we were unable to find anything to suit our needs.

We loved Melissa’s commitment to finding the right property for us. We were afraid that our brief would be prohibitive but Melissa never once made us feel concerned about the outcome or that we were being unrealistic. Engaging Melissa to find us a new home when moving back to Sydney made an enormous difference to our success. We moved back to Sydney with a puppy which added another layer of complications to our search that already had very specific and rigid criteria.

From the outset Melissa was very detailed, efficient and supportive of our needs. Completing multiple versions of our brief was really helpful as it really flushed out what was important to us and what we could compromise on and the end result is a beautiful property that ticks all of the important boxes.

After all of the work Melissa put in, her contacts, ability to navigate the search and application processes and the result we have achieved I believe the fee paid was great value. We’re both really happy with the property and the location is perfect! Had we tried to manage the process ourselves I am certain we would have compromised further, resulting in a property that we were unhappy with. We love our new place and so does our dog.

I would highly recommend Melissa and her business to anyone.

Craig Davenport

Went above and beyond to supply a first rate service

I was time poor, uncertain about how the online application process worked as it had been a long time since I last needed to apply for an apartment and I needed an expert to help.

I Melissa’s site online and read the testimonials, and after a short phone call with Melisa, I was convinced that she would be able to find me a great apartment.

I would use Melissa’s service again in the future and would recommend her service to other people who are looking to find a home.

What I liked the most about Melissa’s service was her positivity, the depth of the reports, Melissa's responsiveness and her unflappable demeanour.

The property reports and background checks Melissa undertook were invaluable to me, I was incredibly impressed.

I was tremendously grateful for Melissa's attention to detail and the exhaustive effort which she put into the search; working until midnight some nights and backing up early the next day - she went above and beyond to supply a first rate service.

You’re amazing Melissa, thank you so much! I appreciate your input more than you could know.

Susie Newham

Professional, caring approach

I needed someone who could attend inspections on my behalf as I have a chronic medical condition which means I often have difficulty traveling distances at short notice. I had originally thought I would prefer a more flexible package that just covered the property inspections, but the level of professionalism and thorough attention to detail, along with the sense that Melissa was always there to reassure and offer advice, quickly changed my mind on that. The service offered as a complete package was really excellent. It was everything that was advertised and more. I think what I liked most was Melissa's clear passion for what she does, and her ability to provide a calming, friendly presence both online and over the phone. She was always prepared with advice and help just when it was needed. Finding a new home can be a stressful, time consuming, and difficult process. Melissa's professional, caring approach and her attention to detail, along with her patience and willingness to help out when I needed advice or encouragement were excellent. I really don't think I could have managed this process without her. Thank you so much for everything Melissa!

Barbara Durward

I'm moving into a great place & couldn't be happier!

Melissa’s offering was clear and priced reasonably. I loved Melissa’s in-depth work completed up front: it allowed for a very productive relationship. Everything that was promised was delivered. I was very very happy with the service. The process is thorough & it allows you to check out multiple properties without leaving the office. More importantly, my need was for a dog friendly property and that was delivered upon. I'm already time-negative so this service was made for someone like me. Now I'm moving into a great place & couldn't be happier!

Bernard Gresser

Melissa was sensational, made searching for a home completely stress-free and was a pleasure to deal with.  

I really appreciate your help Melissa.  You have taken so much stress away and been incredibly helpful! 

I valued: excellent communication, honesty and trustworthiness, dedication, comprehensive information, very knowledgeable.  I was 100% satisfied. 

Melissa was sensational, made searching for a home completely stress-free and was a pleasure to deal with.  I would recommend you to anyone! You have been really amazing and I'm so grateful for your assistance!

Dr Yolande Fogarty

Impressive level of customer care. Extremely thorough; nothing is left to chance.

I knew Sydney was highly competitive for securing good rentals and I didn't have the time or energy to look for the ideal place myself. Melissa offered a very very impressive level of customer care. She’s extremely thorough; nothing is left to chance. I’d highly recommend this service to others and will use it again in the future. Thank you so much! I'm so excited to live somewhere I like, let alone love!

Michela Sanderson

I decided to use your service as I was extremely time poor. I liked that it took the stress off me worrying about when I was going to find the time to find somewhere to live prior to moving from interstate. Thank you for your help in finding this property and saving me a lot of stress. I was extremely happy with the service I received.


Thank you Melissa for your very detailed attention to securing the right property. You inspired confidence that the search would be successful and that I would be happy - and you were right! What a fabulous service. The comprehensive nature of the information provided and detailed property searches were valued. Thank you!

Dr Peter Hockey

Melissa found us a beautiful apartment in a lovely neighbourhood that meets all our needs

My partner and I recently moved from Canberra for work, and didn't have time to go to Sydney for apartment hunting. Melissa found us a beautiful apartment in a lovely neighbourhood that meets all our needs. We rented the apartment without visiting, based on Melissa's photos and review. We are so happy here, and there is no way we would have found something like this without her.

Jesse Burke

We really appreciate all your help and hard work. It has been one of the wisest decisions to hire your services. We all are really happy :-) The process was very efficient and transparent. I’m really happy I signed up for your services. It has made our international relocation and house renting process very easy and efficient. Best part we have a house even before our arrival in Australia! Could not ask for more!

Dr Vanita Yadav

It was a completely different way of looking for a rental property … we have secured the absolute best property available and are beyond happy.

We were primarily looking to save time in the rental search, and to have an external, objective view on potential properties that might suit us - to find new ideas. Additionally, were looking for an edge in the application process. Hands down the application process was the part we appreciated most - I felt extremely confident that we could achieve success in securing the property we wanted because of the pre-work that we had done beforehand. The resource guides at each stage were excellent, and also the level and speed of responsiveness was greatly appreciated. I'm really happy with the service Melissa provided. It was a completely different way of looking for a rental property but we feel that we have secured the absolute best property available and are beyond happy.


Its been just over 2 months now since we moved to our new place that Melissa helped us with, and we feel very fortunate to have found her. We were long term tenants at our previous place but were upsizing just as I was returning from mat leave. Besides Melissa's attention to detail, I loved the support she gave in framing a positive application for us and the confidence she gave us in securing the first application we made. A bit of up front work to get the brief and application nailed, but 10 days end to end from starting to look to securing the place was completely unexpected. An absolute weight off our shoulders with 2 small toddlers. I also appreciated Melissa's follow up after moving, and I feel like we've landed in the best possible place for us

Vanessa Lowien

Thank you! I am so relieved to not have to be doing any legwork for this, my work load at the moment is a bit overwhelming!  Everyone asks how we’re going with finding a place and I happily tell them I have a very good person on the job and I can give them a contact number if they want!

Tamsyne Harlen

I am so grateful we had you as our advocate.

I am very relieved, it is a good outcome.  We didn’t fully understand how difficult it is to secure a decent property at a realistic rent in Sydney and we’re most appreciative of your service in what is a very difficult industry for the uninitiated to negotiate.  I feel so sorry for the imminently homeless families at inspections every weekend and am so grateful we had you as our advocate. Thank also for being available for any queries and thank you sincerely for the work you have done. I am most grateful for your knowledge and professionalism.

Dr Michaela Mair

Patient, understanding and professional.

Work travel and changed personal circumstances made it difficult for me to conduct a search by myself. I was extremely happy with this service and would use it again. Melissa was patient, understanding and professional. Once she had identified what was most important to me, the places she sent fit my brief exactly. The property I ended up renting was one she considered that I would have discounted otherwise, and it was just right for me. It's a credit to Melissa that the property we thought I would not even get a look in on (due to the amount of interest) I was short listed on.

Michelle Mazlin


Gavin has a demanding job and needed assistance to locate a new home, fast.  He was not available to inspect homes due to work commitments, and needed assistance to ensure his home was suitable for his needs, while being in his area of preference.


I took a detailed brief and then located, researched, inspected and secured a great home for Gavin.  He is happily living in a gorgeous complex close to his friends; a property that has a lift, pool, gardens and level access.  Despite competing applications being placed on this property, his application was approved without fuss.


This a totally unsolicited few paragraphs from a very happy client of Melissa Maimann. 

I needed to find a rental place fairly fast and I had certain specific requirements such as lift access, a sensible price and in the Inner-West. 

Melissa organised everything for me from uploading my various documentation, inspecting places for me, writing fabulous reports and sending great photographs. 

She kept in touch every day and sometimes a few times a day. 

She made excellent suggestions and got me thinking out of the box at times which was fantastic.  

Her client service delivery and positive attitude was perfect. 

I have secured a lovely apartment of the right size, price and location in record time.  

I think that this might be the best customer service I have ever had and I am no Spring chicken!!!!

The reasonable fee was totally worth it.  

I would unreservedly recommend Melissa and her amazing service. 

Gavin McCairns (you can google me and you’ll see that I am a real person!!!!).

I knew I couldn't physically inspect any properties living where I do, so I decided to use Find My Rental Property.  I really liked the constant contact and that Melissa understood my particular accommodation needs.  Melissa was very accessible and provided excellent responses.  An honest appraisal of strong and poor points of homes is vital, and this requires a thorough understanding of the needs of the client. You achieved this.  I was very happy with the service!  Thanks Melissa.

Thank you for your help to get this apartment as we haven't got the experience how to rent an apartment in Australia. Thanks a lot for your cordialness, your patience and for a very competent leadership through the whole process.

- Marcel Keller


"We are a professional couple with a young adult son still living with us, we currently have two cats who are house trained, however, understand that having pets may be an issue and we may only bring one with us if we can.  We have recently sold our home and need to find somewhere to live.  Ideally, we would like a property that is air conditioned and in good condition in a nice neighbourhood close to public transport.  It has been a very long time since we have needed to rent a property and I found the whole thing quite daunting and very different from 30 years ago. I felt overwhelmed by the whole process."


After an extensive search, due diligence and numerous inspections, I located and secured a gorgeous three-bedroom home in a quiet street in Sydney's Inner West for this delightful family.  This home has a lovely sunny garden and is pet-friendly, so both cats have been able to remain with their beloved human companions.  The home is recently renovated, with built-ins in two bedrooms, a separate lounge and dining room, polished floorboards and parking for three cars.  It has gas heating and a dishwasher and is located close to public transport, shops and restaurants.


"We loved having someone who took an interest in us and our requirements, who was able to provide great advice, with a good knowledge of the rental market and able to steer us through the process.  I am very happy with the service you have provided.  Thank you, Melissa, for guiding us through this process I do not think I could have done it without you.  It has been a daunting process and I have appreciated your support.  I would have no hesitating in recommending your service.  Thanks again for your help in finding us such a lovely home to rent.  You offer a great service.  It is a lovely home and I believe we will enjoy living there.  I am relieved knowing that we have secured the property."

I really appreciate everything you’ve done. The apartment is great and I’m really excited to move in, everything is amazing! I would happily use your service again and recommend you to other people - you provided such great advice. I really couldn’t have done it without you and really appreciate everything you’ve done; especially with me being so picky. Thank you again so much for your help with everything, I really appreciate it!

- Chris Maher


Simon and his family were relocating to Sydney for work.  The challenge was to find and secure a home for parents with two young children, in a safe area, with good schools, and only a short commute to work.  They required a modern, large home with built-ins, a large, fenced outdoor area, a dishwasher, storage space, parking and  air conditioning, in a quiet area.


A gorgeous three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a terrace, courtyard and double lock-up garage was secured for this family in Sydney's North Shore. 



We signed the lease for today!!!  Very happy to secure this property. Thank you very much for all of your assistance and advice and for all your help! You have been brilliant!

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work! I ... we love the property and its perfect! You have been extremely helpful, patient and very understanding of our needs. Thank you for everything and we will recommend your services to our colleagues.

Nestor and Lauresa


Kirsten and Guy were moving to Sydney from overseas with their beloved pet cats, and needed a home that was suitable for all of them.  They required a home that was 2-3 bedrooms with a double lock-up garage, plenty of storage space, pet-friendly, with built-ins in the bedrooms, a dishwasher, good outdoor space, preferably with grass and space for entertaining outdoors and not on a main road.


A 3 bedroom townhouse with 2 bathrooms and 2 single garage spaces located in a quiet street.  The main bedroom has a balcony and ensuite. There is also an additional guest toilet.

It has a living dining area that opens out to a courtyard - great for entertaining.

The bedrooms each have built-ins.  The kitchen has a dishwasher, and there is plenty of storage space in the home.


Melissa provided excellent service and moral support throughout our search for a rental property in Sydney. We didn’t have the time to be able to research rental properties and were not able to inspect homes during the week.  We had been so nervous about bringing our cats and Melissa gave us confidence that we would find somewhere to live in one of our preferred suburbs. Plus, she has such a positive, solution-orientated attitude. It made our international move a lot less stressful.

Thanks for all your help with this, Melissa. You are wonderfully supportive, and it is hugely appreciated!  Really, having you on our side has kept my spirits up.  I knew finding a decent place at a reasonable price was going to be difficult in Sydney and my expectations are being more than met!  It's unfortunate that it is impossible to trust photos taken by estate agents. Thank you so much for your efforts, advice and moral support during this process. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help to find somewhere to live.  And if we end up buying at some point we will definitely be back in touch.

We had a brief that had a few restrictions. We wanted to give ourselves the best chance of finding a property and having a competitive advantage. Melissa is friendly, kind and patient. We couldn't have found that house had we not used this service. We loved Melissa's responsiveness and accessibility and we were completely happy. We highly recommend Melissa's service!

Nicola Watkins


A busy professional, juggling the demands of parenting and full-time work, Jennifer did not have the time available to search for homes, liaise with agents and inspect properties in a rental market where properties are leased so quickly. The brief was to find:

  • Inner West location, somewhere quiet, close to restaurants, shops and a local pub

  • 2 beds + study or 3 beds with 2 bathrooms

  • Pet-friendly, with parking, air conditioning, floorboards, built-ins, storage space and a garden or courtyard


Within two weeks, I located a stunning home for Jennifer and her family that ticked all the boxes.  Pet-friendly, warm and welcoming, the home has 3 bedrooms and a study, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a lovely outdoor courtyard.  It is a newly renovated townhouse with a secure lock-up garage + additional parking with internal access and and storage.  The location is perfect for Jennifer's needs.  It has lots of clever storage space within the property, an open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room and a floor plan that allows space and privacy.  All rooms have air conditioning.


I highly recommend this service.  We were so time-poor and just couldn't fathom how to fit in all the running around associated with finding a new home.  Melissa kept things really simple.  She asked for a very detailed brief and then ran with it.  I really appreciated how she checked back in with me and I could tell we were on the same page very early in the process.  We were just stoked with the property.  There is no way we could have done the detailed walk through of the property that Melissa did in the 15 min window the agent gave us. Thank you so much!!

We were absolutely delighted to find Melissa. She brought a professional and compassionate face to the challenge that we faced trying to find somewhere for our sons to rent. Not living in Sydney and facing a lot of competition - to work with someone who not only knows the market but is also great to get along with - meant so much.

Marie Gale, Byron Bay


Barbie was moving to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney from interstate.  She required:

  1. An outdoor area (preferably a garden) for her gorgeous Rhodesian Ridge Back dog

  2. Storage space

  3. Parking for a large car

  4. Close to the beach, work, cafes, a park and shops

  5. Not in a high traffic area


Within two weeks, I located a stunning home for Barbie that would suit her beautiful dog as well.  It is a brand-newly renovated ground floor garden unit in Bondi Junction, 2km from the beach and 400m from Waverley Park.  Literally, Barbie will be the first person to live in this unit since its renovation.  It is located within a well-maintained block.  It has two bedrooms, both with built-ins, is light and bright, and has plenty of storage space.  It also has parking.


"I had no time to search for a property and no understanding of the market. Your service was friendly, accurate, non-confrontational, not pushy, and it worked!! Thank you so much for your help finding me a property. I trust I'm going to be very happy living here and can't wait to move in! You've been a godsend!! Thank you seems insufficient. It's been great!"

Loving the new place - it's much larger than our old place and the layout is excellent. It's so well maintained that it is just a delight. The neighbourhood also is super. I've found a local yoga place and even went down to the beach on Sat and Sunday - what a treat! I'm really over the moon! Thank you again!


Thank you! The kids love our new home and the location is great.  Everyone we have met in the building has been lovely as well. I would definitely use your services again.  Hopefully next time I’m buying something!


Tamsyne sought a home to share with her house mates.  They wanted to move to the Hills District of Sydney, but did not have much time to find a home, with a demanding work schedule.  She required:

  1. 4 bedrooms with built-ins

  2. At least two bathrooms

  3. A dishwasher

  4. Parking for 3-4 cars

  5. A back yard

  6. No swimming pool

  7. Something that was comfortable and private


I located a lovely home for Tamsyne that would accommodate all of her needs.  A large, 4-bedroom house complete with four living areas, three bathrooms, a kitchen with a dishwasher and ample parking.  Located in a quiet, tree-lined street, it has built-ins in all bedrooms, air conditioning and all the mod cons that make a home comfortable. 


I used Find my Rental Property to save time, effort and money and to have less stress. Melissa has more local knowledge of the market than what I potentially had.  I really enjoyed Melissa's cheery calls and communication!  She’s straight and direct, knowledgeable and informative, and her reports were so detailed.  Melissa’s ability to communicate is a top skill to have in this kind of work. Her reports were comprehensive enough so that I could confidently make a decision about the property I chose.  Everything was as expected, with a little more thrown in too.  It is a great service and Melissa does a great job.  She’s patient and passionate about what she does.  Good luck with it all!  I’m so appreciative of your help. You took the biggest stress out of my move!  I’d recommend your service to other people.

Meet April.  April has two young children and is looking to move to Sydney from interstate.  She called on me to inspect a couple of properties of interest, saving her having to drive or fly to Sydney, with two children, just for an inspection.  I was delighted to assist. 

From time to time, we find that the photos and description of the property don't quite represent the property when you see it in the flesh.  Well, this property fell into THAT category.  April's comments were, "My god it looks very dark and gloomy and not at all like its listed photos ..."  She was very thankful to have not needlessly flown or driven to Sydney to inspect this wholly unsuitable property, with children in tow.

"Once again thanks so much for helping us out like this!"

Meet Sarah.  Frustrated with applying for properties unsuccessfully, she engaged our Application Success service.  Her very next application was approved!