when shall we make initial contact?

Ideally, my service is engaged at least 6-8 weeks before you plan to move.  This allows time for you to brief me on your rental property needs and for us to complete all of the necessary paperwork prior to the search commencing.  Most clients prefer to engage my service well in advance to be sure of my availability to assist their future move. Shorter time-frames can of course be accommodated: I've found homes with a week's notice, but ideally my service is engaged at least 6 weeks (and up to 6 months) before you need to move.

can we inspect properties?


Our Clients Say:

"We were absolutely delighted to find Melissa. She brought a professional and compassionate face to the challenge that we faced trying to find somewhere for our sons to rent. Not living in Sydney and facing a lot of competition, to work with someone who not only knows the market but is also great to get along with meant so much to us."

what if we find the property?

If you would like to do your own searches and have me do the inspections for you, please let me know before you engage my service. However, if you engage my service to search for you and you find the property, the full fee is payable / non-refundable. 

Why should we use "find my rental property"?

Every day, I help renters like you find a great home that they love.  I identify, research, inspect and apply for properties with 100% success, and my clients find that I have a natural flair for matching people with their ideal home.  My clients also appreciate my high success rate: all applications are approved without fuss and time and time again, my clients are prioritised by property managers who are delighted to work with my service. 

I know precisely what to look for in evaluating a home - both online and in the flesh.  I have also spent a substantial amount of time working and training in real estate, and as a licensed real estate agent, relocations agent and buyer's agent, I know how the industry works and how to secure the right rental home for you.  The average tenant simply does not have the know-how, experience and time to skillfully and efficiently secure the best property at the best price. The average tenant rents every 2-3 years. We rent homes every day!

Savvy Landlords have agents to manage their investment properties on their behalf because they realise the value of a skilled advocate.  Ironically, renters are often left out in the cold, unrepresented. I believe tenants need someone on their side! I don’t merely do what you can do yourself: I add an additional valuable dimensions of property evaluation and skill in securing your ideal home.

My service will save you lots of time, frustration and challenges, and for many renters, I can also save them money - money over-paying for a rental, and money choosing the wrong rental. My clients tell me they love my service because of the skill, know-how and dedication that I offer, because their applications are approved without fuss and because the service is unlimited, giving peace of mind.

who are your clients?

My clients are people who are seeking to rent in Sydney.  Some are relocating to Sydney; others live in Sydney and are time-poor, some have limited mobility, while other clients have had a poor experience with finding a rental property in the past. And, others just want someone else do the hard work for them!  Whatever your situation, I'm here to help!

how long will it take to find a home?

The range is 5 days to 6 weeks. It all depends on how many deal-breakers you have, how many preferences you have, how many suburbs you’re happy to live in, your budget, your time-frame and of course the market. Typically, homes are found within a two-week search period.

how do we pay?

Payment is made by electronic bank transfer. 

How many photos will we receive?

Generally you receive between 40 and 150 professional photos for each property that I inspect on your behalf, plus a detailed written report and all the behind-the-scenes information about the property.  I don't "Photoshop" or edit the photos: you see the property as it is.  Dark rooms will look dark; dirty carpet will appear dirty; and if I need to get on tip toes to get a remote glimpse of the "water views", I will let you know.

For both of us, it is important that we can be confident of finding a home that’s right for you. The key to success is a property brief that tells me all of your must-haves and nice-to-haves. I conduct a full feasibility study and offer advice and suggestions before we set out to ensure that your brief is realistic and achievable. During the normal period of searching, it would be very unusual if there was nothing at all around, having previously been satisfied that there would be options available for you.  To date, I have successfully found all of my clients a home that they love. I search not only online, but also via property managers to get the off-market / pre-market properties that have not yet been advertised, hence, it is even less unlikely that we won’t find something suitable.  Put simply, if I can't find a home for you, then it doesn't exist in the current market (and you would not be able to find the home either).  If this did happen, I would recommend options to ensure a successful outcome.

how can we be sure that you can find a home we like?

can you apply for homes for us?

Yes, with the appropriate documentation and authority, I can submit applications on your behalf. 

why do we need an agent on our team when we can find our own home?

Lots of reasons!

  1. Although property managers and leasing consultants may keep you informed of the homes they have listed, they will only tell you about the homes that they have on their books, not all homes that are available via other agents. I’m aware of all homes - online as well as off-market - to give you the best chance of finding the right home.

  2. An effective search requires online searches several times a day with flexibility to attend open homes in work hours and on Saturdays. Most people can’t search this often due to the demands of work, family and life in general.

  3. Inspections may be scheduled for times that don’t suit you, requiring you to take time off work. They may also be impractical for you, requiring you to inspect with young children, when you’re heavily pregnant, unwell or traveling long distances to view homes. Because finding your home is my full-time job, I am always available to inspect homes, even when you’re caring for your family / working / traveling / studying.

  4. As a renter, your access to information about a property of interest is limited to what you can see on the online ad. This means you’ll need to inspect lots of unsuitable homes before you find the one that’s right for you. I access far more information about properties than what is available to the average renter, and this allows me to zoom in on the right homes and accurately eliminate all others.

  5. With my service, all you need to do is brief me on your needs, provide me with the documents needed for your application and offer your feedback on suitable homes. I’ll do all the rest! This makes the rental search process swift, easy and painless for you.

  6. To date, all applications have been approved. More and more, property managers are prioritising my clients for approval for homes. This gives my clients a competitive advantage over other would-be renters.

What is the advantage of having you search for us?

Many clients I work with are time-poor: they simply don’t have the hours in the day to search through all of those online listings. I search online several times a day for my clients. As well as this, I tap into my established network of property managers to source properties that are not on the market. The other key is that what you see online is not necessarily how the property will look in the flesh. Perhaps those photos are 14 years old. Perhaps tenants never stay in that home longer than 2 months. Perhaps the home has been on the market for 6 months. Or there is a construction site next door. This, and so much more, I can find out for you.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes! We offer many additional services via our team of professionals:

  • Car purchase

  • Property purchase (discounted if you have used my rental search service)

  • Internet, telephone, cable connections

  • Trades people

  • Interior design

  • Foreign exchange

  • Computer set-up

  • Mortgage broking

  • Financial planning

  • Cleaning services

  • Professional photography

  • Commercial Finance

  • Assistance with job searches

Our Clients Say:

"It has been a daunting process and I have appreciated your support. I would have no hesitating in recommending your service. Thanks again for your help in finding us such a lovely home to rent. You offer a great service. I am relieved knowing that we have secured the property."

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