Melissa Maimann

Hi, I’m Melissa Maimann. I’m a NSW Licensed Real Estate Agent, Relocation / Renter’s Agent and Buyer’s Agent and I am the Principal of Find My Rental Property and Melissa Maimann Buyer’s Agent.

I've bought, sold, rented and invested in Sydney, the beautiful city that we call home.  I've lived in the north, south, east and inner west and know Sydney really well.  As a renter, I fully understand the issues faced by tenants: "The frustrating search", difficulty in securing a place you truly want to call home, unhelpful agents, unfriendly terms in the lease (are those terms even legal?) and that forever niggling question .... am I paying too much rent??  Finally, are we allowed to have our furred / feathered friend stay with us in our home?

As a landlord, I understand how landlords think and what they look for in a tenant.  As a real estate agent and buyer's agent, I have advanced training in searching, inspecting, evaluating and appraising properties.  I know what the average renter does not know, about their rental property. As a renter ... I know just what it's like!  I will represent you and help you secure a place that you can be proud to call home.

I know and understand what tenants need and want in their home, and I am an expert in the Sydney Rental Market: arguably one of the toughest markets in Sydney.  Strong relationships with property mangers mean that my clients have priority and advance warning of new homes coming on the market. My clients value my honesty, integrity, work ethic and positivity.

I'm sure you've experienced how frustrating and time-consuming it is to find a rental home in Sydney.  Inspection times are short, inconvenient and inflexible; parking is a nightmare as dozens of people turn up at once; and the thought of competing for the a property along with everyone else is enough to bring tears to your eyes, not to mention the niggling thought that the place is genuinely over-priced. 

There is a better way.

A renter's agent is a licensed real estate agent who represents tenants and matches them with the best property for their needs - then expertly helps them secure that home at the right rent and with the right terms and conditions.


What our Clients Say about us

"We signed the lease for today!!! Very happy to secure this property. Thank you very much for all of your assistance and advice and for all your help! You have been brilliant!"


I'm independent

I don't list properties for rent, and I don't receive commissions from agents or landlords.  I'm completely independent and you can be assured that first and foremost, I will always have your best interests at heart.

Melissa Maimann MBA(AGSM), Cert IV PropServ, LREA