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For a fraction of the value of your time, your forensic rental property detective does your leg-work for you in a cost-effective, comprehensive rental search service.

  • We find out all of your requirements: your must-haves and nice-to-haves.

  • We conduct a full review of your property brief, ensuring it is realistic and achievable, so that we can find your new home in the most efficient and stress-free manner for you.

property brief

  • We conduct extensive research to identify properties that meet your brief.

  • We present you with an unlimited number of properties that meet your requirements.

  • We tap into our extensive network of Property Managers to source off-market properties for you.

  • We stay in regular contact with you, keeping you informed of all progress every step of the way.




  • Benefit from property research that is only accessible to licensed real estate agents. We explore and discover all of the "behind-the-scenes" information about your rental property so that you can make savvy rental decisions and avoid renting a home that may be an ongoing source of problems and challenges, prompting an early move.

  • Includes all background checks and enquiries of agents.

  • We inspect properties that meet your requirements (or you may prefer to inspect the home).

  • You’ll receive a comprehensive written report, complete with photos and behind-the-scenes property information. A typical property report is 4-8 pages long. We are very thorough!


  • We provide expert review of your application, ensuring that your rental application gives you a competitive edge. When we've found the property you love, we want the property manager and landlord to love you, too!

  • We may submit rental applications on your behalf (to date, all of our applications have been approved).



  • We negotiate the rent and lease terms in your favour, potentially saving you money!

  • We like to ensure that you're happy in your new home. Expect a check-in call after you move in and regular contact throughout your lease.


i can help you

If you need to rent a home in Sydney and would love to have a real estate agent find, inspect, apply for and secure your new home, representing you throughout the process, click on the "contact me" button below, let me know a little more about what you need, and I'll be in touch, usually within a couple of hours.

My clients benefit from my extensive knowledge and experience as a qualified real estate agent and buyer's agent. When you work with me, you get my very best work, every time! My service goes above and beyond to ensure that you're happy and content in your new home.

Our Clients Say:

Renting with Pets in Sydney.jpg

"Melissa provided excellent service and moral support throughout our search for a rental property in Sydney. We didn’t have the time to be able to research rental properties and were not able to inspect homes during the week. We had been so nervous about bringing our cats and Melissa gave us confidence that we would find somewhere to live in one of our preferred suburbs. Plus, she has such a positive, solution-orientated attitude. It made our international move a lot less stressful."