There are many great reasons to love our service!

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Excellent Value

I offer the most cost-effective and best value rental search service in Sydney. Thorough and comprehensive, the service covers all searches, property evaluation, inspections, reports and applications.

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Quality Information

I source high-quality, subscription-only property data: both CoreLogic and APM Pricefinder. This ensures that you have all available information to make a truly informed and considered rental decision.

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Expert Matching

We’ll work through a detailed rental property brief and really get to know and understand what you need in your new home so that I can easily identify your best property.

Fixed Fees

My fees are fixed (not commission-based). I am not incentivised for you to pay more rent, and you'll know up-front what the fee will be.

I lower your risk

Benefit from my vast market knowledge and experience which reduces your risk and helps you to avoid costly rental mistakes.

Licensed Agent

I'm a licensed real estate agent and buyer's agent, perfectly qualified and experienced to source and evaluate properties for you.

Love your home

I will find your ideal home, a home that you love and feel proud to call home.


I provide a timely service and am very accessible. You’ll receive a quality service that puts you first.

Sydney Relocation Specialist

I specialise in the Sydney market and cover all of Sydney.

What our Clients Say

"We loved having someone who took an interest in us and our requirements, who was able to provide great advice, with a good knowledge of the rental market. I am very happy with the service you have provided. Thank you, Melissa, for guiding us through this process I do not think I could have done it without you."

My clients save valuable time