Who uses a Renter’s Agent?

Our clients are diverse, but share a common concern: finding that ideal new rental home in Sydney.

Most of our clients use our service because they don’t live in Sydney and they wish to secure a home for their arrival in our gorgeous City (relocation services).

We also help Sydney-siders who might be time-poor, have previously made a poor choice with a rental home or feel concerned that finding the best home will cause strain. Although many people feel well-equipped to find their own property, we are told our service adds so much value to their search. We have worked with countless clients who have struggled to make it to inspections, or whose applications continue to be declined, or for whom time is running out.

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However, this is not our only value-add. We have access to information and data that is not publicly-available. This allows us to focus our search and effectively zoom in on your ideal home and secure it ideally ahead of the busy Saturday inspections, and preferably before the property is marketed.

We learn all of your essential must-haves, as well as your nice-to-haves, and ensure that any property we show you meets your unique criteria. This saves you valuable time in your search. We understand the emotions that people experience in trying to secure a home, feeling anxious that time is running out, and settling for that less-than-perfect home. We help you hold strong on what is truly important to you, we set realistic time-frames, we encourage you if you are feeling despondent and most of all, we ensure that you’re happy in your new home so that you don’t need to consider another move in a few months’ time.

Our clients are each unique and their move and life story reflects this. We have many clients who move with their beloved pets, clients experiencing relationship breakups, moving to start a new job, trying to secure a rental home perhaps with a challenging rental history - whatever your situation, we will be familiar and will know the best way to work through whatever challenges you may face.

As an agent acting for renters, you are assured that your best interests are represented, always. We are independent, meaning we are paid solely by our clients. We do not receive any fees or commissions from property managers or landlords. As a Buyer’s Agent, we represent purchasers and again, from an independent position. We feel it is important that renters have equal representation to landlords.

Here’s how much time you will save when you engage my service: