Looking to engage a renter’s agent?

Renting a property in Sydney becomes so much easier with a good renter’s / relocation agent by your side. However, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right agent. Not all renter’s agents are created equal. Here are the most critical elements to look for when you choose an agent to find your new rental home for you:

Credentials: licensed and insured

Check with the relevant State’s Office of Fair Trading to ensure that they are appropriately licensed. They should also have the relevant qualification which is a Certificate 4 in Property Services. In NSW, it is illegal for agents to represent tenants if they are not insured and licensed (or working under the supervision of a licensee).

Measured Results

Look for agents who achieve demonstrated, quantifiable results for their clients. Ask them how compatible (in percentages) the property briefs of their previous clients are with the homes that are eventually secured for their clients. A good renter’s agent can demonstrate an 85%+ match between a client’s property brief and the property that is secured.

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Member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW

If they aren’t a member, ask why not. The Real Estate Institute of NSW is a part of the National professional association (REIA) for real estate agents. In order to become a member, agents must go through a stringent process ensuring that appropriate standards are maintained.

Property Data

Your agent should have access to professional, subscription-only, property data services such as CoreLogic and/or APM PriceFinder. Otherwise, how can you possibly know what you need to know about your potential home? Knowledge is key to choosing the best possible rental home. A great renter’s agent has property data subscriptions and knows the safest areas, the best streets, whether there is a development application on the property next door or a brand new block of units being built in the street, floor plans, aspect and so much more. This, in additional to the things that we pick up when we perform our thorough inspections such as noise levels, the possibility of mould, the availability of natural light, any odours, storage, cleanliness, quality, versatility, parking and of course whether the yard is fully-fenced for your dog.


A good relocation / renter’s agent agent will have access to a wide network of Property Managers to access properties off-market and ensure a client’s competitive advantage over the general public.